Have you ever put much thought into how many paper products you use? How many of those products can be replaced by a reusable option? I never realized how much we (a family of 6) used until I started to replace certain items with reusable materials. To be completely honest, I thought this would have been much harder than what it actually was. The napkins were the first to go. I wasn’t quite convinced that this change would “stick” so for the sake of saving money, I took an old curtain that I was going to give away, cut it up into squares and put them into the napkin holder. From that point on, to my surprise, we have been using cloth napkins…. and…. well, just like that, we never looked back. These same squares are still currently being used and one of my daughters was kind enough to sew an edge on them for me.

Cloth napkins and hand towels

Next up….. paper towels. I cleaned out a drawer next to the sink and filled it with many, many hand towels. We use these to dry hands, wipe up a mess, wipe down countertops and anything that you would use paper towels for. The dirty napkins and towels are easily thrown into a basket next to the washer and go into wash with my next load. No inconvenience at all.

Paper plates and cups are no longer the go-to in our cabinets. By simply not buying these products, we no longer use them. That was easy! I really don’t miss any of it. I can’t even tell you how much less trash we have created since we have made the switch, not to mention the money saved from not buying these products in the first place. All in all, this has been a win-win situation for our family and a change that is better for the environment. I realize this is just a start and I need to dig deeper and see what other products I can replace. What about you? Which items have you switched out for a reusable option? Leave a comment below and let me know.

~ Jen

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