Regrow Lettuce And Celery From Scraps

Intrigued? I’ll admit it, I was too, regrowing lettuce and celery from the end of the stalk that you would normally compost? This sounds a little “too good to be true” so I thought I would put this to the test. After all, what do I have to lose?


Paper Products, Are They Necessary?

Have you ever put much thought into how many paper products you use? How many of those products can be replaced by a reusable option? I never realized how much we (a family of 6) used until I started to replace certain items with reusable materials. To be completely honest, I thought this would have been much harder than what it actually was. (more…)

Getting Started

Naturally you would want to start at the beginning. So where is the beginning? That will be different for almost everybody. Some of you may already have health issues where you need to make drastic changes immediately, while others want to make gradual changes. I feel it is important to start where you feel most comfortable. I started making small changes here and there and I used myself as the guinea pig. If I found it was doable for me, then I imposed that change for the family.  (more…)



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~ Jen