My husband and I have recently challenged ourselves to not spend money frivolously for the next few months. I have always considered myself money conscious however this has forced both of us to seek alternative ways to “get things done” with some unexpected results.

Of course there is the typical clipping of coupons, buying items that are “only on sale” and, well, just not spending at all, however we have both been creatively saving money with our day-to-day activities. Just today my husband set out to fix the girls’ leaky shower faucet, he ordered the parts needed which would be cheaper than buying a whole new faucet (which he would have normally done). He called the manufacturer to order said parts when he found out that the product had a lifetime warranty and that they would get the parts out to him at no charge. WOW! He certainly didn’t know about that…. BONUS!!

bag-147782__180Rebates, Rebates, Rebates, this is a word worth repeating. I have never really given much thought to rebates unless they were obvious, but I am finding that they are everywhere, you just have to look into it. I have recently gone school supply shopping with the girls and I was shocked by how easy it was to save with very little effort. I went online to look up whether there were any rebated or sale items at the local office supply stores and Staples not only has a price match guarantee, they also had rebates. I bought most of their school supplies here and I received free computer paper (rebate offer) as well. I couldn’t believe how much money I saved with just a little bit of research. There are also some great apps that help with this. My new favorite one is Ibotta, it’s super easy to use.

Consignment has always been a part of our routine. With 4 growing girls and many different styles, consignment has always made the most sense for us. We usually just use our clothes credit to purchase more clothes rather than collect the money, but with their wardrobes currently all set, we cashed in our balance to treat ourselves to our favorite ice-cream parlor. YUM!ice-cream-1440830__180

Summertime is always a hard time of year to not spend money with all of the activities that we want to do. We have been very creative this past week. We were able to keep cool in the river, have a picnic lunch, engage in a “cupcake wars”, sunbathe in a local lake, play mini golf, eat ice cream (multiple nights), watch a movie, go to an amusement park and even spent a day in Newport RI all for under $100. For a family of 6, not too bad!!!



So let me elaborate, we were able to go to an amusement park for free only because the kids have season passes which were purchased in the beginning of the season (with a coupon I might add.) The Mini golf was made possible by groupon and the ice cream I was able to get for only .75 per person, not too shabby! The next 2 nights of ice cream was home-made which is always a treat! The movie night was made possible thanks to a  “drive in” sponsored by a local radio station. Newport RI was a day trip we took to tour the mansions and walk the main street along the shore. Last summer we had purchased a 1 yr family membership and luckily for us it doesn’t expire until september, so the tours were completely free. We had packed a lunch before we left and had a nice picnic in the backyard of the Breakers. So gorgeous!

All in all we have had a great start to our money challenge. I feel that it has really made us become more “spending aware” and we have been able to simplify the day-to-day to include some hidden treasures for us to explore. Please share some of your ideas in the comment section below, I would love to hear them!





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