It’s pretty simple to make this deodorant if you have the ingredients on hand. I usually make a big batch of this and either place it into smaller glass mason jars or old deodorant sticks, and keep them in the fridge so as each family member runs out, they know where to find more. You can adjust this recipe to your own consistency or scent.




  • 6 TBS Coconut oil
  • 4 TBS Baking Soda
  • 4 TBS Arrowroot
  • 2 TBS Coco Butter
  • Essential Oils Optional


  • Mix arrowroot and baking soda together in bowl
  • Melt coco butter and add to bowl
  • Mix in coconut oil with fork until well mixed
  • Add essential oil (I add until just lightly scented)
  • Place in container of choice

*One of my favorite essential oils to add to deodorant is lemongrass. I thinks it has a very light and fresh smell. The coco butter is optional but I feel it gives a “smoother” texture to the finished product. Let me know which combination works best for you!


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