Composting is something I have never given much thought to over the years. I just figured if food was put into the trash, it would rot and that would be the end of it. Little did I know the benefits composting would have on my everyday life. The top 3 reasons I compost:

  1. Less trash in the landfill
  2. Does wonders for gardening soil (so far)
  3. More food waste conscious when you actually see what is not being eaten.

IMG_2225Composting doesn’t have to be be fancy and it doesn’t need to be smelly or messy. I have an old casserole dish with a lid that I use which sits on my countertop next to the sink. It looks pretty and we empty it just about every third day, so it doesn’t have time to smell. It’s just as easy to scrape the food scraps into the compost as it was to scrape into the garbage. By doing so, I have been more conscious of the food that isn’t being eaten. It is VERY rare for food to spoil in this house (we eat it too quickly), and we have a dog who happily eats what we don’t. Therefore, the food that makes it into the compost pile are usually just scraps that the dog won’t eat like, egg shells, coffee grinds, banana peels and such. Even vegetable scraps can be reused. (see post here) Super simple! Who knew?!

We have a fenced in garden area in our backyard that we empty the scraps into. This keeps the animals (including the dog) out of the compost pile. Every few weeks we add leaves and grass clippings to it to aid in the “break down” of the food scraps. We just started to compost in early fall so I still haven’t had the chance to use it in the garden however, we have turned the pile over and we have seen many, many¬†worms so I am very hopeful! I am super excited for the spring when I can use the composted soil¬†for our garden. I will Keep you posted.

~ Jen

4 comments on “Composting”

  1. I love this site. Thanks for sharing. We have been composting for about 6 years now. We use the mixed compost in our Vegetable and flower gardens. What’s neat is you never know what will start growing. One year we had dozens of gourds and pumpkins.

  2. This is a great informational resources, I’m so happy you share all of this information with us…. Keep up the good work Jen you’re amazing …!!!

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