Month: February 2016


Inflammation can play a big part in your overall health. What is inflammation? It is our body’s way of protecting itself from infection. However in the case of chronic infection, the body’s defense system, the immune system, begins attacking healthy body tissues. (more…)

If It Isn’t Sudsy Is It Really Getting Clean?

Ever since we made the switch to a more natural version of cleansers, both personal care and household, I was questioned as to whether or not that is actually getting clean. “There are no suds” I was told. To be honest, I too thought the more suds we achieve, the cleaner it gets, right? Well, that’s just not true.  (more…)

Deodorant Recipe


It’s pretty simple to make this deodorant if you have the ingredients on hand. I usually make a big batch of this and either place it into smaller glass mason jars or old deodorant sticks, and keep them in the fridge so as each family member runs out, they know where to find more. You can adjust this recipe to your own consistency or scent. (more…)

How To Beat The Winter Blues

Winter is traditionally not my favorite season. Sure the first few snow storms are always exciting but once the blanket of winter is upon me I don’t like it… at all. I find that whenever I hunker down, hover by the fire and try to stay indoors, it tends to make the winter seem even longer. So what is one to do when the frozen tundra surrounds you? (more…)

Regrow Lettuce And Celery From Scraps

Intrigued? I’ll admit it, I was too, regrowing lettuce and celery from the end of the stalk that you would normally compost? This sounds a little “too good to be true” so I thought I would put this to the test. After all, what do I have to lose?